How to choose the suitable laser machine?

How to choose the suitable laser machine?

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How to choose the suitable laser machine?

We recommend that users choose theappropriate laser machine before they can simply understand the Basic of thelaser machine’s knowledge.

 In the current market, there are Marking Machine, Engraving machine, Cutting Machine and also have two or morefunctions of the machines. With so many kinds of machines, how to choose theone we want? Following advices maybe help to choose a laser machine.

1.     What kind of work you want to do, making?Engraving? Cutting? Or some of them?

Engraving equipments including laserengraver, laser cutter, and laser marking machine. According to differentapplication, some equipment is multifunctional while some are special engraversjust for one function.

2.     What is you material?

Generally, laser engravers can be divided into two kinds:YAG and CO2. The first one is special designed for metals engraving and cutting,the second one is for non-metal materials, which occupies a larger parts in theengraving market.

3.     What size and thickness of your material?

1)   Thematerial’s area is one influence factor. Most users select the most compatibleworking area. The best one is the most suitable but not the largest one. Wehave many models for the customer to choose, such as 200*300mm, 300*500mm,600*400mm, 700*500mm, 900*600mm, 1100*600mm, 1300*900mm, 1400*1000mm,1600*1000mm, 1300*1800mm, 2500*1300mm, 2500*1600mm etc.  Of course, we also can customize the othermodels, but it will take longer time.

2)   Besides,the thickness is also important, just because it will influence which laser poweryou should use. For example, if you want to 5mm acrylic, then 50W is OK foryou, but if you want to cut 12mm, then you need to choose 80W laser power.

4.     Seriesservice:

1)    Pre-sales service: we will provide you theprofessional, prompt, patient, pre-considering service to help you find themost suitable equipment

2)    After sale service: after receiving theorder, we will provide you with equipments following service, to get theshipping pictures for you. Usually, the after sales-service of equipment isvery important. We provide free on-line technical support and free maintenanceof the spare parts within guarantee period.

3)    Extra fee is paid if out of date. Anydamage to the machine caused by improper use will be charged.

5.     Generalto consider the quality and cost:
Not all laser engraving machines are the same quality or are composed of thesame materials. Depending on the different equipment the quality of engravingmachines can vary greatly. For this reason, cheaper engraving machines are notalways the best ones for you, only machines with reasonable price and accordwith your application are your best choice.



 Apartfrom above mentioned features, there are a couple of other things to rememberwhen choosing engraving machines. Good mechanical design is also important foryou; it makes your working more stable and convenient. Some optical device canextend machine’s application. Your detailed information will be helpful for usto suggest the best suitable laser engravers to you.

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