Why buy a laser?

Why buy a laser?

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Why buy a laser?

They are good helpers for various of works. In recent years, they are becoming increasingly common in all walks of life.

You can easily captured its shadow during the advertising industry, buildingdecoration, vessel mould, toys, packing and paper industry, leather industry,textile processing, artworks , woodworking etc.

They can work on nearly all of the non metal materials.

The possibilities of them are tremendous when you startto think of the materials these machines can process. This is why there is somuch excitement about them!

Our lasers will accurately mark, engrave and cut non-metal materials suchas acrylic, double color board, Plexiglas, Common glass, bamboo and wood,rubber, marble, granite and tiles, leather cloth car mat, clothes, acrylic,textile, wool, plastic, MDF, ABS, plastic, clothing, denim fabric, jeans, bra,underwear, bags, shoes, bathing suit, bath towel, pillow cover, arts andcrafts, and all other non metal materials. Of course the laser machines alsocan cut most of them.

Besides, we also can offer some other special types, suchas laser marking machines which can mark on both metal and non metal materials;metal laser cutting machine which mainly used to cut metal such as SS or carbonsteel.

They are easy to use.

Our lasers have excellent control over the laser power,resulting in very good and fluent engraving effect, and of course the smoothcutting works.   

Lasers cut by burning or vaporizing the material, leavinga burnt colored vertical edge on some jobs, particularly wood and card. Thiscan be an advantage, giving a decorative finish to the work, or furtherprocessing (painting etc.) can hide this effect if desired.

MORN laser machines come complete with software that willaccept many usual data formats - these can be produced by software such asCorel Draw, Photoshop and numerous 'free' graphics packages. All professionalCAD software can output files which can be used for cutting on these lasermachines. Acceptable file formats include HPGL and DXF, two of the mostpopular.

The thickness that can be processed largely depends onthe laser power. MORNTECH offer a range of machinetypes and sizes and a variety of powers - please contact us for more information or go to our products pages.

Surprise note:

When working with clear hard plastics, like acrylic, ourlaser machines have the advantage. They produce a clear, clean 'polished' cutedge which is so good that usually you get the finished job 'straight from themachine'.

The short answer: Our laser machines will make money foryour business and to provide a great service to your clients and yourcommunity.

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