CNC milling machine

  CNC milling machine mainly used for processing of metal mold, graphite electrode, mobile phone, camera,MP3,LED bult housing. 

  Metal material processing,craft industry,plastic mold,hardware,automobile tire,die bronzing processing,embossing wheel mold,high frequency mold,die casting process and so on.

  It included Software, CD Videos, Controlling Card (PCI card), Water Pump,  Tools, Data Wire, PowerLine, Spanners and Clamps,and so on.

Vertical CNC milling machine MTX1060  Vertical CNC milling machine MTX1060 Vertical CNC milling machine MTX1060 have saperating hand wheel controller and 3 axis use hardrail orbits . vertical CNC milling machine MTX850L  vertical CNC milling machine MTX850L Vertical CNC milling machine MTX850L have three axis liner orbit and higher speed and accuracy spindle parts. . CNC milling machine MTDX500  CNC milling machine MTDX500 CNC milling machine MTDX500 Widely use: die steel, copper and aluminum etc. quick speed and high efficiency. it is the good assistant of the processing industry cnc milling engraving machine MTDX600  cnc milling engraving machine MTDX600 CNC milling engraving machine MTDX600 specially used for aluminum ,steel cooper etc mould engraving and milling works.