co2 laser engraving machine

split laser engraving on stone MT-LS1060

Working principles
The newest split Co2 laser engraving machine is the special structure with separate parts controller and worktable, this structure is easy for heavy stone, marble, and thicker or non-regular materials engraving. Automatic cutting is controlled by digitalized mechanic system.
Product performance indices
Easy removable, the materials size and length is no limited.
The length of laser head can adjust by materials height.
With red dot; water chiller; USB connection.
Product application
MT-LS1060 Co2 laser engraving machine work on non-metal plates or tubes, special for heavy stone, MORNTECH Laser engraving machine are widely used in industries of glasses, precise mechanics, hardware productions, steel structuring, vehicle parts, decorations, posters etc.
Model type:
MT-LS1060 (working size made to order)

Model type MT-LS1060
Max laser power 60W
Lens Imported Len
Operating Temperature 5-36 degree
Operating Humidity 5-70%
Repeat positioning accuracy +0.01mm
Working area(mm) 1000X600MM
Control system Laser cut v5.0
Total power consumed 2KW
Power supply 220v/50 60hz
Cooling mode Water cooling
Main parts Water chiller; exhaust fan.
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